Code SPR07
Serie Sport
Size M (4 x 4 x 6-8cm)
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Price excl. VAT 123,14 CZK (€4,70 | $5,53)
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You're lack of patience or have outrageous tantrums. Or you're the easily bruised-up Generation XYZ.

Original gift and promotional item 4x4x6,5-8cm. Suitable as: pendant, keychain, talisman, amulet, decoration, gift. For happiness, for fun, for mobile, purse, keys. 100% hand made from natural material, high quality cotton fiber, string doll, voodoo doll.


Your boss likes to put on an act and your colleagues like to talk shit. Your supervisor is incompetent and incapable of getting any work done. You don't care much for them and they don't seem too friendly toward you. You are dying to say, "Take this job and shove it!" But this is your 10th job this year and you just need Ninja to increase your persistence and enable you to work under pressure. You'll learn much more from Ninja's endurance and achieve greater accomplishments.