Birthday & Name day

Looking for really funny gifts for your customers that don't look like promotional items? Our voodoo doll can be made according to your wishes and you will still have original gifts for your clients!

Parisian bozo the clown

Fishes – Pisces

Pitcher – Aquarius

Sea-Goat, Capricorn

Centaur – Sagittarius

Scorpion – Scorpio

Scales – Libra

Virgin – Virgo

Lion – Leo

Crab – Cancer

Twins – Gemini

Bull – Taurus

Ram – Aries

Lucky boy

Happy bear

Happy cat

Boxing wrestler

The champion

Boxer - boxing lover

Women golfer - golf lady

Golfer - golf player

Surfboard boy

Skateboard boy

Clown - joker

Long neck beauty

Money cat

Sweet honey

Cheerleader - majorette

Snow White in Kimono

Hip hop boy

Sumo wrestler

Japan student

Sad boy

Safety boy

Original birthday gifts

Minivoodoo is an ideal birthday gift for men, women, children, your friends, relatives, or corporate clients. You will remind yourself in a novel way or funny you draw attention to your brand, but you're sure to conjure up a smile on your lips.

A small, informal gift will make you happy and show your interest in the person in an unobtrusive way. Likewise, the figure can become a symbol, an original accessory to your phone, a key chain, or a nice memory that the recipient hangs on the eyes, for example, in the car's rear view mirror. You can also use the doll as an original invitation to your birthday party.