Love me tender

Voodoo dolls will greatly serve as birthday gifts for men, as well as for women, as a manifestation of love, as a small thing to please. If you are looking for tips for Christmas gifts, for a cute little thing, voodoo dolls can be the right inspiration. Love is all around us, so give your partner an in love minivoodoo. How about a pendant angel?

Treat your love

Carry love

God of love

Love bright

Goddes of love

One's love

Love rabbit

Heart stealer

Heart hunter

Love defendant

Angel love

Lonely love

Hacker love

Oh my love

Flavour love


Love pirate

Love courier




My Romeo


Heart robber

Stupid cupid

Double dolls in love

Prisoner of love

In love

I + You = WE

Spirit of love

Amor - Little Cupid

Minivoodoo in love

In our offer you will find an angel of love or a couple in love. And to whom even more hints are needed, you can deliver our doll to the bride. Minivoodoo characters can also be used as an invitation to Valentine's party.

Love and funny gifts

Love's time is officially only on the first of May, but in our country we rather stick to the motto "love is in the air", because love is always around us, just maybe we do not perceive it so much. And our minivoodoo can express more about love than you think!