Soothing and healing

Looking for little attention or gifts for children who will be their magic talisman and monument for a long time? A voodoo doll can be a child superhero, a courageous Indian or a cheerful clown. Whether you are looking for a common gift for a friend confirming a common friendship or a birthday gift for a man with positive magic energy, you can't miss voodoo dolls!

Sexy girl

Indian girl


Cool boy

Raphael - Archangel


Play girl

Clown - joker

Modern girl

India dancer


Marilyn Monroe

Healthy girl

Trendy girl

Genius - scientist

Long neck beauty

Buchido - japan shogun

Sweet honey


Musician - music boy

Snow White in Kimono

Hawaiian hula girl


Hip hop boy

Japan student

Sad boy

Mr. Franken


King of monkey

Clumsy girl

Speedy boy

Oni boy

Jungle boy

Original voodoo doll

Forget horror movies. Voodoo dolls are originally dolls of luck. They can use white magic and rituals to have a beneficial effect on the human body and bring to life happiness, success, and even health. Just make your wish.

Magic talisman minivoodoo

Anything can be a magic talisman. Maybe even a doll in the form of Marilyn Monroe, clown or bow tie. Delight those who care about positive voodoo magic! We spread together good energy, love and friendship.