Voodoo doll original

Code MS06
Serie Magic spells
Size M (4 x 4 x 6-8cm)
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Price excl. VAT 123,14 CZK (€4,70 | $5,53)
Price incl. VAT 149,00 CZK (€5,68 | $6,69)


Voodoo doll.

Nothing ever goes your way and you're tired of swallowing your pride. This is your first step toward casting a voodoo spell.


Your boss is a moron and your colleagues are up to no good behind your back. Your defense is not weak but the surrounding is against your odds. You're on the verge of getting depression. This is rated as the most popular doll by your nine-to-five folks. Hurry to get your own Original Voodoo to release all your pressure and agony.