Original promotional products

Ball point pen, which has stopped working, shopping cart tokens, which roll down to sewer drain after one week. Enough already! All senseless gift products.

We are introducing you minivoodoo: handcrafted mascots and voodoo dolls, 100% swank.

During the last 10 years we sold tens of thousands of voodoo characters. Voodoo doll products for small, big and large corporations. Every single character we do separately, from natural cotton yarn. It means that corporate minivoodoo mascots looks cool but the quality and safety of our products is always our top priority.

We are able to do anything. Not only characters or animals. We can do fruits, vegetable, plants or even television with legs. Our creativity has no limits!  We would be more than happy to arrange for example … space rocket as Eiffel tower design!

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Probably we let you down a bit, but from the beginning it was not interest for black magic or occult. In the beginning was the same as today. Intention to bring really new, original and quality promotional product to market, voodoo doll which will be more than plastic mass production. The one which will have spirit mind.

Let captivate yourself by our minivoodoo characters. There are talisman for someone, for another person they are keychain. In any case they are imaginative gift, which make people happy and perfectly can promote and advertise your brand.

Our company is on the market since 2008. The brand name minivoodoo® is a registered trademark reg. EUTM No.: 017980273.

39 875

Quantity of minivoodoo we delivered to clients.


Time for handcrafting of one character.


That many years we do minivoodoo.


Centimeters of cotton yarn per 1 character.


Company name SKYLIGER, Ltd.
Address Svetova 523/1
  180 00  PRAGUE, CZECH
TEL +420 608 120 122
EML info(a)skyliger.com
iD No. 273 51 629
VAT No. CZ27351629
Registration at Commercial register kept
  by Municipal court in Prague
  under section C, insert 195983