Regular method

Minimum order quantity is 3 000 pcs. Believe in minivoodoo, they will be sold out very quickly. Practical minivoodoo doll size everybody will demand. Schoolchild, retired persons, even general manager.

We will drink cup of voofantastic coffee together and consult your demand and requirements in order to meet your expectations. After that we will create pilot graphical proposal. Are you looking forward to it?

Once we agree on graphical design we will create custom samples within 2 weeks for you. You decide which size will be best for you. We do S size from 4cm, M size 6-8cm, but even mascots in larger than life size!

You will explore and study the samples, spend some afternoons with them and let us know if matching to your needs and expectations. After confirmation of final design binding order processing starts.

We will start our job! Based on quantity and difficulty of design you could expect your new fellow workers within 9-12 weeks.