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Soothing & Healing

Everyone of us is from time to time out of energy. Soothing & Healing miniVooDoo posses the power to make up for your shortcomings and re-charge your energy. Nature offers many healing remedies. We can see them all around us without necessarily recognising them as tools to aid our wellbeing.

Soothing & Healing energy for mind body and soul

Soothing & Healing is a place for those interested in learning more about the many different forms of healing energy, colour therapy and crystal healing readily available today. An energy imbalance in any one of our bodies will eventually, if left untreated, manifest in some sort of illness. The body is simply expressing a cry for help by drawing attention to itself.

Take care of yourself

Soothing & Healing is independently run. Sound healing from the seas and rivers; colour therapy visible in our landscapes; flower essences from native plants and so on. We are sure that our Soothing & Healing Voodoo dolls can help you to find your lost energy. The only thing you have to do is trust them. Choose your own Soothing & Healing Voodoo doll from the Soothing & Healing category.

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