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Mini VooDoo currently

SKYLIGER, Ltd.(s.r.o.) presents the mini voodoo products based on the theory that every soul has its double personalities.

We know, that a new product needs more than just a catchy name to be successful. When a product wants to be successful, it must come with a self-explanatory story. Then it´s guaranteed to be a hit. With that idea in mind, creative team began to develop stories accordingly based on human needs and wants in today´s society. You want to know, what is at the end? Mini Voodoo surely.

What is actually Voodoo?

The misconception about Voodoo is linked with Haitian ritual practices of evil spells. The truth is that the primary emphasis of Voodoo is on the ancestors and Mother Nature. 80% of their worship, including blessing, healing, exorcism and self-reinforcement, is positive values. The remaining 20% is linked with curses and evil spells. There are two sides of everything, voodoo magic included. When people seek for blessing through positive reinforcement, subconsciously it also goes to show the dark side in human minds.

Mini voodoo can help you

Everybody gets the life with its bright also dark sides. Reality bites and love hurts. Everyone wants to love and to be loved.

  • Love Me Tender - Voodoo dolls from this serie help you with your relationships
  • Care & Protect - this serie was designed based on the longings for security and care
  • Soothing & Healing - serie was invented to accommodate the human body and soul
  • Angels & Devil - this serie was created to worship darkness and light and forces of good and evil
  • Magic Spell Voodoo - serie was designated to resolve hatred and let go of pressure

We can not say, that our voodoo dolls can resolve all your problems. But we can promise they bring back the long forgotten smile on your face. Off we go, SKYLIGER embarks on an exciting and magical adventures!

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